Butterfinger Balls Recipe



5 Butterfinger bars (1.9 ounces each), crushed to perfection

1 box of powdered sugar (16 ounces), for that sweet touch

2½ cups of graham cracker crumbs, to give it a lovely texture

1 package of chocolate almond bark or chocolate candy coating (24 ounces), for the ultimate indulgent coating

1¼ cups of butter, melted and golden

1½ cups of crunchy peanut butter, for that irresistible nutty crunch

Steps to Create Magic:

In a spacious mixing bowl, blend together the powdered sugar, graham cracker crumbs, crushed Butterfinger bits, luscious melted butter, and the ever-delicious peanut butter.

Channel your inner sculptor and shape this mixture into 1-inch sized balls. Once done, let them chill in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes - this helps them keep their shape.

While our balls are getting cold, it's time to work on the chocolate. Follow the instructions on your almond bark/chocolate candy coating package to melt it to a silky-smooth consistency.

With our chilled balls ready, delicately coat each of them in our freshly melted chocolate.

As the finishing touch, place these chocolate-covered wonders onto a sheet lined with parchment or wax paper. Let them rest a bit, allowing the chocolate to set, turning them into bite-sized delights ready for indulgence.

Enjoy your Butterfinger Bliss Bites with friends and family, or keep them all for yourself; we won't judge! 😉