How to cleaning toilet from top to bottom


1 minute for a sparkling bowl:

The toilet bowl requires constant maintenance to avoid limescale and the accumulation of tartar: do not wait for the damage to be visible to provide it with appropriate maintenance! Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to brush your bowl for one minute, two to three times a week. Use bleach or white vinegar to get rid of grime before it has a chance to stick to the bowl. After brushing your teeth, flush the toilet to flush the toilet: keep this routine and your sink will always be sparkling!

Fun fact: according to the RTC, Switzerland is the biggest consumer of toilet paper in the world, with 20 kilos consumed per person per year! I wonder how this relates to toilet maintenance? Simple and excessive toilet paper can be used gradually

If your toilet bowl is clogged with paper (or any other substance), mix white vinegar and hot water and let sit for an hour or two, then flush. Your toilet must be unblocked! Surprisingly, if you have a few bottles of Coca-Cola lying around, they can also do the trick - pour them down the toilet and leave them overnight.
If your coffee maker has changed color due to limescale, the coffee maker descaling tool offers an unexpected but very effective solution. Spread toilet paper around the sides of the bowl and soak it in the descaler. Leave it for an hour or two, then flush the toilet for a clean result!

Last task step:
The last task is to clean the floor around your toilet. Start by wiping down the area around the toilet, then wipe it down with vinegar and a water-dampened cloth. If you have a few seconds, polish the handle of the toilet door with a little tea tree essential oil for a guaranteed sanitizing effect!
Pro Tip: If your toilet smells more after flushing than roses, your surefire odor neutralizing solution is to get a match! The sulfur it releases will dispel lingering unpleasant odors.