I made these the other day for game night, and they were an instant hit


Elevate Your Mashed Potato Experience

Imagine the classic warmth and comfort of mashed potatoes, but with a twist that adds a dash of flair and an explosion of flavors. Enter the Loaded Mashed Potato Muffins: a fun, innovative take on a timeless favorite that's bound to be the talk of your dinner table.

I recall festive family dinners where the familiar scent of mashed potatoes wafted through our home, thanks to my grandmother's tried-and-true recipe. However, one particular gathering stood out when my aunt presented a new rendition. Instead of the usual bowl of mashed potatoes, she served them in muffin-like portions. They weren’t just ordinary muffins, but loaded with a melange of toppings like cheese, bacon, and herbs. It was a game-changer, redefining our mashed potato moments forever. Now, I present to you this culinary treasure, hoping it'll create delightful memories at your gatherings too.

Loaded Mashed Potato Muffins Recipe


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