Lemon and blueberry bread


Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Bread is wet and scrumptious with simply the proper quantity of blueberries and lime. Enjoy a slice of dessert today, ideal with tea or coffee! Have you ever neglected bread? I will!

And if you are whatever like me, I recognise how robust your cravings may be for some thing lemony, moist, and full of blueberries.
So wet in reality that you will need to be more cautious while cutting it to experience it.

Who could have concept that a cake has a lot to carry to the table? 

If the thought of baking a loaf intimidates novice bakers, don't worry—the hardest part of this recipe is waiting for the oven timer to ring while that divine aroma fills your home, I promise. 

With this under your belt, you'll have no trouble perfecting this delicious chocolate-dusted banana bread afterwards, as the loaves need some company on the counter before gobbling them down. 


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