Peanut Butter Microwave Fudge Super Quick and Easy!!


I had a lot of fun making cookies and cream fudge and Nutella fudge. So I decided to tackle peanut butter fudge.

Before I had a chance to experiment, I came across a super easy recipe by Alton Brown. The recipe was only four ingredients and doesn’t use chocolate unlike most of the other fudges I’ve made.

It takes a few hours for this fudge to cool before it’s ready to be devoured, but the actual prep time takes less than 10 minutes, and it doesn’t require any baking or brain power. It’s super easy and delicious!

This recipe is technically NOT fudge because it’s made without milk, but it looks like, feels like and tastes like fudge. It’s basically fudge, but I know a few snooty people that might argue with that. Oh well.


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