We loved eating this, so much so my hubby told me not to lose this recipe


A taste of home and the embrace of fond memories, the Granny Cake embodies this sentiment like no other dessert. Handed down through the annals of my family history, it’s a recipe that resonates with love, legacy, and the bond of generations. Every bite is an invitation to travel back in time, a sugary reminder of childhood days and the warmth of familial bonds.

One of my most treasured memories with this cake was soon after my grandmother's departure from this world. My mother, in a tribute to her, baked the cake, and as its flavors melted on my tongue, memories flooded in. It felt like an embrace, as if through the cake, my grandmother was there, comforting me. Now, this cake isn't just a dessert; it’s an emblem of tradition and love, a family heirloom of flavors.

Granny Cake Recipe


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