How to Plant Avocados at Home for Dozens


Preparation: Position four toothpicks around the seed, spaced evenly. Submerge the bottom of the seed in water about 3 centimeters deep using the toothpicks to rest on the rim of a glass.

Germination: Place the glass in a sunny and warm spot. Over the course of 2-8 weeks, a root will emerge. When this root grows to about 15cm, trim it back to around 8cm. Soon after, leaves will start to sprout.

Planting: Choose a spacious pot and fill it with nutrient-dense potting soil. Create a central hole and place the seed in, ensuring half of it remains exposed above the soil.

Caring for Your Avocado Tree: Position the pot in a sunny area and water it consistently. Patience is key here, as it may take several years for your tree to produce fruit.