Shortbread Magic:

Creamy salted butter

All-purpose flour

A whisper of powdered sugar

🍈 Tangy Key Lime Brilliance:

Freshly squeezed key lime juice & zest

A delicate balance of granulated sugar

Light, foamy eggs, and a hint of vanilla

A touch of cornstarch for that perfect consistency

👩‍🍳 Crafting Your Shortbread Bars:

Begin with the Base: A gentle mix and a soft press into your baking dish, followed by a brief dance in the oven.

Whisk in the Zest: A blend of key lime's robust character with foamy eggs and sugar, carefully poured over the warm shortbread.

Cool & Set: Allow the flavors to meld and firm up in the refrigerator before a final sprinkle of sugar and zest.

Indulge & Be Transported: Let each bite take you through lush Floridian orchards, where every key lime is a burst of vibrant, zesty wonder, beautifully contrasting the rich, buttery shortbread.

Craft, Savor, and Share the Exquisite Key Lime Shortbread Bars: A dessert that tells a story, a flavor that becomes a memory, and a recipe that’s passed through generations!