This is one of my husband's all time faves, he practically asks for this at least once a week


Always a favorite, this slow cooker Italian beef recipe is simple to make and soaked in flavor. This is the perfect dish to whip up in the morning before work, or running errands so that you can come home to a fully cooked meal that's the worthy creation of an Italian master chef. It's also a great meal to put together for parties because you serve it up on bread, and it can stay nice and hot in the slow cooker as people pick at it.
Most of the ingredients you probably have stashed away in your cabinets, but you will need to run out and grab a nice fresh roast. Prep for this meal takes about 5-10 minutes and you can cook it low and slow for upwards of 10 hours, or quickly on high for about 5. 

5-lb beef round or rump roast
2 packages (1-oz each) Italian dressing seasoning
2 tsp each: salt, ground black pepper, dried oregano, dried basil, 

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