7 hotel tricks to clean home faster and deeper


Revitalize Curtains Quickly

Between washings, you can freshen curtains by vigorously whipping them with a clean towel. This method effectively dislodges dust, and the towel's fibers catch the dirt. Remember to wash the towel and vacuum the area afterward to pick up any fallen dust.

Double-Pass Vacuuming

Initially, vacuum high-traffic areas, followed by corners and edges. Then, repeat the process. This two-round method ensures thorough removal of dust and debris, capturing what might have been missed during the first pass.

Let Cleaning Agents Work

Allow your cleaning products time to penetrate and loosen dirt and grime. For tough stains on toilets, stovetops, or carpets, let the cleaning agent sit for about ten minutes before scrubbing, maximizing its effectiveness.

Simplify Bed-Making

Save time making beds by paying attention to the labels on sheets. Usually, the label goes at the bottom-right corner of the bed, making it easier to position the sheets correctly without guesswork.

Polish Faucets for Shine

For a pristine look, give special attention to faucets. Wiping them with denatured alcohol after cleaning removes fingerprints and smudges, leaving a polished, gleaming finish.

Use Vinegar on Glass

Vinegar is a great natural cleaner for glass surfaces and mirrors. A spray followed by a wipe with a clean cloth will leave a streak-free shine, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness.

By incorporating these professional techniques from hotel housekeepers into your routine, you can significantly enhance the efficiency and outcome of your cleaning efforts, ensuring a spotless home with less time and effort.