Lady sews a pearl bead to the middle of the top edge of the sock, creates best DIY yet. This is so clever!


Materials Needed:

1 Sock


Straight Pins

Sewing Machine

Matching Thread

Pinking Shears

Pearl Bead

White Thread


Elastic Cord

Embroidery Needle

Simple DIY Instructions:

Start with a Cut: Trim the top part of the sock just above the heel and discard the bottom half.

Sew It Up: Turn the sock inside out and pin the cut sides together. Sew these edges, leaving about a ½-inch seam allowance.

Trim Neatly: Use pinking shears to trim away the excess fabric in the seam allowance, preventing fraying.

Finishing Touches: Turn the sock right-side out and sew a pearl bead onto the middle of the top edge.

Secure with a Loop: Thread an elastic cord through an embroidery needle. Attach the cord inside the sock, directly opposite the pearl bead. Tie the cord ends inside the sock, creating a loop on the outside.

There you have it! Slide your phone into this custom sock pouch, and secure it with the elastic loop around the bead. Your new, sleek phone cover is ready to go!"