Natural Mouse Repellent: 7 Tips to Keep Mice Away from Your Home


Dealing with mice in the house can be frustrating and a health risk. However, there are natural and effective ways to deter these pests. Here are seven tips to keep mice at bay:

Embrace the Power of Cats: Cats are natural mouse predators. Even the presence of cat litter can deter mice due to its smell.

Use Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Mice dislike the smell of eucalyptus. Place a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a cloth and put it in areas frequented by mice.

Aluminum Foil: Mice are put off by the smell, noise, and feel of aluminum foil. Use it to block entry points.

Lemon and Pepper Spray: Mix lemon juice and black pepper and spray it in mouse-prone areas. The strong scent repels mice.

Mint Leaves: 

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