Baked sweets & sour chicken


These are the best crispy chicken nuggets you will ever make! This recipe for delicious and healthy chicken nuggets takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and uses very simple ingredients like panko breadcrumbs, chicken breast and spices.

Serve with honey mustard, ketchup or your favorite barbecue sauce. They are suitable for children (and adults) and are adult approved!

It looks a bit like nuggets, but it's homemade and contains less fat, salt and sugar. Baking avoids frying, wrapped in cornflakes, these chicken meatballs are crispy and delicious...

It all happened in 4 minutes when we made this recipe at the office! So it is confirmed that it is adult approved as well.

She often asks me for easy weekday recipes with few ingredients. Well, this is for you.

I found a very easy and quick oven method. In addition, we do not turn all our fingers into nuggets by breading croquettes. it is magic!

* ingredients:

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