A parsley-based beverage. Superb all-natural tea in about five minutes


Parsley tea is an easy way to get into the realm of herbal medicines while still getting a powerful punch. Parsley, a potent plant with a reputation for both flavor and health benefits, may be transformed into a delicious, all-natural tea in as little as five minutes. Great for anybody trying to improve their health, but stay away from it if you're expecting a child or are nursing. Follow these steps to make this healthy concoction.

A Recipe for Parsley Tea

What you need:

Fresh parsley, one bunch

Two cups or 500 milliliters of water

Get Ready:

Bring water to a boil: The first step is to bring water to a rolling boil.

When the water comes to a boil, throw in the whole bunch of parsley. You may just rinse it and add it whole without chopping it finely.

Low heat:

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