An very delicious, preservative-free orange jam recipe


If you want to add a splash of citrus flavor to any dish, try making homemade orange jam. It's a wonderful way to keep the flavor of oranges in a jar. A natural, preservative-free orange jam is what you're after, and this recipe is all about making it. Come on, we're going to make this amazing orange jam from scratch, no fake ingredients at all.

What you need:

For the Music:

3 kilos of oranges, with around 2 kilos of pulp and skin removed.

8 ounces of pure sugar

Five tablespoons of lemon juice or the juice of one big lemon

25% citric acid, 1/4 teaspoon

5 minced cloves (for taste if desired)

Tools Needed:

The grater

Vast container

Towel that is clean enough to dry the oranges

Containers for storing

Get Everything Ready and Boil It Down:

Half an hour for preparation

Cooking Time: Approximately one hour

Detailed Methodology:

How to Get the Oranges Ready:

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