Turkey Ranch Club Bread🥰

These turkey ranch club breads may be our favorite.They are perfect for a simple lunch or dinner and taste like a million dollars.It was filled with sliced ​​turkey, bacon, cheese, and of course ranch sauce.It is delicious and very satisfying.I like to make delicious turkey rolls.Especially when the outdoor temperature is very high. Turning on my oven is usually the last thing I want to do, even with the air conditioner on.These muffins are a great way to feed on an empty stomach without turning on the oven.

* ingredients :

° 1 tortilla roll (I used multigrain, use whatever you prefer)
° 2 ounces smoked turkey...
° Half a slice of sharp American cheese (or cheese of your choice)
° 2 slices cooked bacon**
° 1 tablespoon ranch sauce
° 2 slices tomato
° romaine lettuce (you can also use baby spinach)

* Directions :

Lay the tortilla out on a clean flat surface. Spreading 2 to 3 tsp ranch dressing on every tortilla. Topping sauce with 4 tranches turkey. Topping turkey with 2 slices bacon & slice cheese. Adding some lettuce & tomato.
Fold the ends of the tortillas over the fillings, then fold them burrito-style. Cut it in half and serve. 

Enjoy !